Full-Service Donation Distribution Services

IEO launch 2020

Enterprising donation contribution services by launching an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP) for processing Funding and Payments Services.

IEO Start Date: Coming Soon

Closing Date: Coming Soon

Your Funding Launches: 

  1. The creation of a secured centralized membership donation platform.
  2. Launching the 1st IJJ Token  Exchange Token Sale (ETS).
  3. Your investment will fund the development of a unique Funding & Payment service.
  4. Supporting a “Use Case” with Ethereum Standards as the utilities.

The Rewards:

For ETS Participance:

  1. An executed Mandate Provision was issued to enforce an On-Demand Order to Buyback ETS IJJ ERC-777 tokens offering 15 cents or 300% each.

The Alliance Partner Rewards:

  1. A $50 package can raise donations up to $6,000 and Contribution up to $2,400.
  2. Repeatable and Deposit Conversion using $250 to raise $17,000 up to $64,000 and more.

The IEO is an invitation to Cryptocurrency investors to participate in a low risk minimum investment.

This is an Exchange Token Sale (ETS)


We are accepting cryptocurrency as the  means for the  exchange for the minimum order and the order quantity as stated in the IEO Summary Table.
Cash purchases are accepted, but still will require the transfer of the IJJ ERC-777 to a registered account on  the Exchange Hosting network.

The Benefits:

  • Funding the creation of a donation platform targeting reoccurring budgetary, Fees, and on-going projects and program initiatives.
  • Creating communities unighting together to fund betterment and inprovement projects and programs.

The Target Markets:

  • State and County level Governments
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • For-Profit Sponsorships

The Rewards:

  • For ETS participance we executed a Mandate Provision to enforce an On-Demand Order as a Buyback offering up to 15 cents or 300% for the ETS IJJ ERC-777 tokens.

The target market two rewards:

  1. A $50 package can raise donations up to $6,000 and Contribution up to $2,400.
  2. Repeatable and Deposit Conversion using $250 to raise $17,000 up to $64,000 and more.

    The Offer Summary:

    Total Allocation for eCETP

    IEO Initial token Supply is 40 Million ERC-777

    Funding Objective:  Soft Cap set at
    $2 million USD.

    Soft Cap is divided into 2 tranches:
    1. $1,600,000 for infrastructure building with 32 million ERC-777 (includes Bounty Program)
    2. $400,000 for Media and Consultant Services with 8,000,000 ERC-773 (no Bounty).
    Soft Cap token issuance are intrinsic to the Buyback Campaign supported with the executed mandated provision..


    eCETP’s  differentials as a Donation SaaS Provider.

    eCETP utilizes Distributed ledger Transaction with a private Enterprise Ethereum blockchain technologies as its core structure for processing donor Fiat used for donations and contributions as working capital.  In principle the Digital Token is deployed to track Fiat once entered into eCETP and not used as digital currency.

    We constructed a process called On-Demand Orders (ODO) with a mandate provision to execute a Buyback for the IJJ Token used to raise working capital.  System specifications are designed to create a folder for the ERC-777 as retainer to receive ERC-223 as donor account receipts as the  donator transaction records.

    In summary:

    • eCETP design specification are built around Ethereum ERC-777 standards. IJJ Corp will hash the token used on an IEO platform to raise working capital and buyback the ERC-777 as a Retainer token with eCETP.
    • Next, we mint will ODO batch of ERC-223 tokens per order for internal usage in eCETP as account receipt for to transfer Fiat as a ledger entry to a Retainer Folder -ERC-777.
    • The Minting is processed with an On-Demand Orders (ODO) Purchase by Alliance Partner for ERC account Receipt.

    24/7 360 Days Access

    Online Automated Donation Sponsoring

    • Online Service Worldwide for Membership.
    • New Campaign Reviews and approvals within 1 hour.
    • Existing Programs and Projects auto restart, as required by Alliance Partner authorized Team members.

    The Funding & Payment Ecosystem

    Our initiative is to enterprise funding and payment services by launching an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform (eCETP) to provide donation contribution and services processing with the following:

    With the objective to augment working capital with donations and contributions utilizing trustful alternative funding resources to improve community budgeting initiatives for state governments at county levels, and with for and non-profit organizations with community-based projects.

    In addition, placing emphasis on building groups of business units under service level agreements by funding specific operational expenditures using exchangeable inkind and assets for services rendered.

    The creation of the above ecosystem pushes funding and payments to induce performance and services collateralized with exchangeable assets with agreed upon terms for a desired outcome.

    The Investment Summary

    The Return on the Investment is presented in three methods
    • Buyback Campaign offering up to 15 cent per IJJ-ERC-777, limited to a 300% return.
    • The option to deposit your ERC-777’s on eCETP as a $4.00 buy, with restrictions.
    • The ability to exchange on the Market at any price or for less than the 15-cent offered through the Buyback preset pricing.
    Other Key Points For Consideration
    • Minimum Order is $50 for 1,000 IJJ ERC-777 Tokens at 5 cents each.
    • The Token Sale Smart Contract will complete the token transfer as an online order.
    • In order to partricpate the buyer must have a cryptocurrency wallet account to recieve the IJJ ERC-777 Tokens.
    First Time Token Buyers
    • The First Time, we got you cover. You have options; indicate I need a Cryptocurrency wallet.
    • The Smart Contract will create the wallet, provide your secret keys as a Paper Wallet, where you can elect to download online or receive an email and/or both.
    • Your tokens are automatically added to the Exchange host providers bulletin board for sale under your name as the owner. You will have a variety of options to elect; to do one of which is to transfer from the open market to your physical wallet or offer them for exchange to buy other tokens that will accept the IJJ-ERC-777.
    Bounty Program Special Offer
    • Bounty Program Funding objective is for programming services to develop eCETP.
    • To either hire or outsource support services to stand up a baseline operation to offer donations packages with customer support services.
    • The funding level is set at $322,026 with a 50% investment of $161,000 towards the Bounty Program to acquire 100% of the Bounty Payout.
    • The Bounty Program will establish a structure to tractionl customers and investor to witness.
    • The potential of eCETP deployment elevates the ability for the three target markets to create On-Demand orders based on the existence of the  eCETP availability to conduct donation services.
    The Buyback Campaign
    • Buyback Campaign period will commence once eCETP is deployed between 90 to 180 days from the date of purchase, as stated in the timeline.
    • Buyback On-Demand Orders is a Mandate policy for  Investing into the IEO Token Sale.
    • Buybacks are purchased using the receivables from an On-Demand Order placed by an Alliance Partner at the Preset Price at $50, where the mandate is to acquire at minimum 150 ERC-777 at 15 cents each per Order.
    The On-Demand Order

    The On-Demand Order opens 1 ERC-777 Retainer Account, at minimum with 150 ERC-223’s Receipt Accounts transfer to Donation Contribution campaign.

    The Mandate, Buyback, Bounty Program, and the Disclaimer Statements

    An overview for your consideration:


    Proposed Terms 

    • 40 million IJJ Ethereum ERC-777  tokens.
    • 5 cents each.
    • To invest the minimum $50 for 1000 IJJ Tokens
    • A mandated buyback campaign offering up to 15 cent or 300% per IEO IJJ Token.

    To invest in funding the develope and innovative Funding & Payment System.

      The ROI is with minimum participation in the exchange market.


      The current Projects:

      1. Projects:  The Civil betterment initiatives against violence. Fundable Opportunities
      2. IJJC – Bounty Program:  For a 50% cash infusion offering twices the Return On Investment: The Project Bounty Program 

      Projects are listed under the Project Menu TAB.


      Proceeds are for the Soft Cap funding goal of $2,000,000.  Divided into two funding allocations using 40 million IJJ Tokens Standard ERC-777.

      1. $1.6 million of infrastructure Deployments
      2. $400 thousand for Promotional Services.

      To learn more about use of proceeds please read the IJJ Token white paper


      The Buyback offers up to a 300% return on your cash investment.

      Other options being offered:

      • You can exercise the options to sell to other Ethereum token holders on the exchange.
      • Or post the IJJ ERC-777 on eCETP for up to $4 each, with specific restriction that are applicable.

      The market size for online donations is over $300B.

      What is The Investment?

      1. The Distribution of  a product produced by IJJ Corporation Titled: Donator Backer Package.
      2. Helping the Target Market to augment  “Working Capital” using eCETP.
      3. An innovative use of Blockchain in key business industries to advance awareness and its  usage as a “Utility”.
      4. The Return On Investing being sustained using a mandate system coding requirement under a Buyback Campaign On-Demanding Orders for  your IJJ Token to assemble the Donator Backer Package as a functional policy.

      Online 360/24/7 Self-Sponsored Campaigns!

      • Target Market 2.3 million prospective Customers.
      • The Market representatives will be approved as Alliance Partners with full access to eCETP features.
      • The enrollment target is 10,000 Alliance Partner within 60 months.
      • eCETP is a Self-service automated intuitive Donation Contribution service center.

      The IJJC business structure includes 4 segments:

      1. Public Companies
      2. Donation Contributions
      3. Token Sales
      4. eCETP Services

      Built-in functional Controls with 5 equations generating outstanding Rewards and Benefits:

      The On-Demand Orders is a Functional Requirement:

      1. Create one multi purpose Product.
      2. Using Preset Pricing Structures.
      3. Structured formulas using preset pricing to stimulate Ordering and Funding.
      4. Alliance Partner can launch multiple donation Contributions Campaigns  to raise working capital by offering Buy 1 Get 2 Rewards.
      5. On-Demand Order receivables are used to purchase ERC-777 under the Buyback Mandate.

      The Development of 5 donation equations:

      1. Reward tokens for Donations
      2. The 20/60/40 plan
      3. Cash Benefits for Donor Participation
      4. Deposit Conversions
      5. Repeatable Self-Fundable donations (more suitable for-Profit Donation Organizations).

      The essential business segments:

      Donations with Repeatable Funding

      We discover repeatable donation with deposit account created a product titled Buy-1-Get Rewards titled Donator Backer Package, referred to as DBP.

      Using formula designed Account Receipts titled: Buy 1 Get 2 Rewards.

      Social Media Management

      We’er Building Community awareness using media specific to Alliance Partner sharing common interest to promote investing in the Alliance Partner ability to invest in the Donator.

      Rewards for Contribitions

      The Sponsor must have a means of contacting its potential donator. IJJ cover the cost to communicate with the sponsor’s communities. Making them aware the while participating in a community-participating there are reward and benefit options.

      Self-Sponsored Donation Platform

      Alliance Partners can conduct Donation and/or Contribution Campaigns independently of IJJ Corporation participation.

      Building Alliance Partner

      To enroll more than 10,000 Alliance Partners to generate On-Demand Orders within 120 months using an aggressive trail and promotional program.  By Offer a free product trail as a full-service 7-day period, where the Alliance Partner can perform a live donation Contribution campaign.

      Team Training

      The training period is 2 to 4 days to setup and provision resources in preparation to process the first On-Demand Order.

      Offering a 7 day live earning trial training period to learn how to conduct a donation Campaign.

      eCETP is an Automated Self Contain Platform

      The Alliance Partner has full control over deposits. The ability to adjust preset pricing, conduct surveys, and promotional programs.

      Email Marketing

      eCETP is an encrypted and multi-level modular secured environment. Alliance Partners deploy donations or a contribution campaign in a Private Partitioned user and resourced computing environment.
      As a Software as a Service (SaaS) each customer operates independently.

      Reaching the Social Networks and Groups who can also participate.

      There are groups and individuals with larger groups that can also participate in donation contributions.  For groups that are not nonprofit incorporation; the contribution is the gift that’s accepted.  Read the Member Evidence Clause to qualify to become an Alliance Partner.

      eCETP will prove to be the most initiative platform experience for raising Working Capital.

      Without existence of Donors this world would be worst off for Billions of people.  We are offering a fundraiser by donations contribution online platform using innovative technologies (Hyper and digital) to raise working capital and to conduct direct sales to Donors within your subscriber base.


      Donation Contributions are executed within one of the following categories:

      A Project or a Program:  Before being posted as a fundable opportunity it undergoes screening to validate the management control, services and the viability of the project.


      The following Tabs are brief descriptions for each funding category and Alliance Partners groups.


      Projects are normally a onetime funding event. 

      Both Profit and Nonprofits can conduct a project donation Campaign as stated in the Member Evidence Clause.

      The Member Evidence Clause provides taxation information for your consideration.

      Please read the Disclaimer Statement before conducting any formal Donation Contribution campaigns.


      Programs are ongoing budgets.  Provideing detail information to establish the authorization to conduct a donation Campaign from a Nonprofit entity as stated in the Member Evidence Clause.

      Both Profit and Nonprofits can conduct a programs for donation contributions as stated in the Member Evidence Clause.

      The Member Evidence Clause provides taxation information for your consideration.

      Please read the Disclaimer Statement before conducting any formal Donation Contribution campaigns.

      For-Profit & Nonprofits:

      The Donation Contributions has two separate taxable subcategories: 

      1. The donator looking for a tax write-off can give a donation as a gift for a tax write-off, but normally donations are not accepted as a tax write-off with a legal opinion.
      2. The contribution portion can be attributed as working Capital, this category is taxable as earnings. 

      Please acquire legal tax advice to create tax deductible donations for the Donators

      Members Evidence Clause:

      The Member Evidence Clause ensures that our membership within our Targeted markets are properly  represented as a flag ship Alliance Partner and offered Options to participate in Rewards with Benefits within various programs.

      In concert with IJJC assurances we have provided every measurement to save guard the Alliance Partner interest, while partaking in using the services offer by eCETP and IJJ Corporation.

      Fundable Projects and Programs

      The following projects are seeking funding using Ether ERC-777 Token Sale under a Buyback Mandate.

      1. 3-Fundable kickstart very excellent projects with several benefits.  Project 3-Fold Investment Package
      2. IJJC – Bounty Program for 50% cash infusion with a 200% return on investment for: Project Bounty Program 

      My Endoresment 

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      Business Development, Extra Space

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      Founder & CEO, No Name

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      Head of Design, Un Named

      Promoting Enrollments with Benefits:

      The Enrollment Plan is design to create membership?

      By offering after preparation for trail run, we give a 14-day earning program gives the Alliance  Partner an incentive to use the earnings to start the program!