Conx2shares’ overview for its kickstart investment opportunity is for its initiative to deploy their Flag Ship worldwide apps for Anti-Bullying and eWallet merchant services.

The Kickstart objective is to fund Conx2Shares’ ability to finance the resources to host the Anti-Bullying and eWallet on app stores for online mobile users to download as a free subscription, with unlimited data usage, voice and access to groups in educational institutions, with social network integration features for sharing, messaging, in addition, with the Anti-bullying module usage worldwide.

In 2014, a group of app store developers started a group to provide an array of application for cellphone users, merchants, and social networks.

By 2015, Conx2share was founded around the revelation as bullying started reaching epidemic levels in the USA and also worldwide gaining major attention.  Which presented the evolutionary pathway to reengineered existing apps to enterprise a ecosystems’ core theme as a premier Anti-Bullying social network.

The expectation of massive enrollment is based on 2016, the apps was introduced to over 6,000 schools highly accepted and recommended as an edge technology based on ease of use, the social network focus and real-time interactive solution to address bullying. 

Throughout the last years the Conx2share team has invested time to focus on strengthening the core of the application, such as the code and user friendly aspects to bring the app to its best possible self. Meanwhile, the management team has been working diligently on reinforcing the corporate structure as they head out of the private sector towards the public markets.

The Anti-Bullying and eWallets apps are ready for deployment, the funding will finance anticipated hosting requirements, the development of technical media support services with online tutoring, and training medias and customer care networking support programs.

Kickoff Initiative:

Raising Working Capital is primarily for providing essential upgrades to existing software recognized in 2016 as a leading Anti-Bullying mobile application.  Also an evolutionary financial services using eWallet technology and credit cards services integrated with ecommerce and several other related business goods and services.

The kickstart working capital reopens Mobile app stores for the general population.

Kick Start Funding Requirement: $150,000 USD

Additional funding  Requirements:  Within 60-days after reactivation on the several online mobile download stores, over a 24-month expansion plan the funding required is: $3,100,000 USD.

 Points of Contact:

Conx2share Inc.

Location: Toronto, ON


Point of Contact: Sarah Boughanmi– (705)- 229-7532

A Funding Campaign is to fund Conx2share, Inc. Kickstart initiative.

This is a Token Exchange Sale for other tokens or cash to someone interested in owning and learning about Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry.

The Offer:

Unit Price: 7.3 cents

Minimum Order Price: $50

Tokens Order Block: 685 IJJ ERC-777

Total Order Block Available: 3,000

Total token Allocation: 3,000,000

Company: Conx2Share

Project Title: Anti-Bullying and eWallet Launch

Funding Goal: $150,000

Project funding Initiative: To activation Hosting services, apps upgrades, deploy customer support services,  and media coverage.

Declaration and Disclaimer Statements:

The following information is for the benefit of the investor knowing that funding is to achieve the ability to deploy solutions to affectively change the life of millions of people in the USA and Canada, in particular.

The Funding described may not be suitable for all recipients of this Funding promotion. Before making an investment decision, prospective investors are advised to consult an investment adviser registered under Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, (FIRNA) and/or an investment advisor before making an investment of this kind.

Forward-looking Statements:  This document contains forward-looking statements. These statements relate to, amongst other things, the Company’s future prospects, developments and business strategies. Forward-looking statements are identified by their use of terms and phrases such as “believe”, “could”, “envisage”, “estimate”, “intend”, “may”, “plan”, “will” or the negative of those, variations or comparable expressions, including references to assumptions. The forward-looking statements in this document are based on current expectations and are subject to risk and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by those statements.

Certain risks: to, and uncertainties for, the Company are specifically described in the section headed “Risks”. If one or more of these risks or uncertainties materializes, or if underlying assumptions prove incorrect, the Company’s actual results may vary materially from those expected, estimated or projected. Given these risks and uncertainties, potential investors should not place any reliance on Forward-looking statements. These forward-looking statements are made only as at the date of this document. Neither the Directors nor the Company undertake any obligation to update forward looking statements or Risks other than as required by the law, whether as a result of current information, future events or otherwise any reliance on forward-looking statements.

Risk Factors:  This document contains forward-looking statements made only as at the date of this document, future events or otherwise risks inherent in the Companies as of the date of an investor’s decision should mean they should not invest in the Company.  A prospective investor should consider carefully whether an investment in the company is suitable for themselves in the light of their personal circumstances, the economic climate and the financial resources available to them. Each prospective applicant to partake in cryptocurrency Funding with the expectation to resell for profit is wholly responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the Company are acceptable to them. There can be no assurance that the Company’s objectives in respect to any of its funds will be achieved and investment results may vary substantially over time.

The Investment Return and what to Expect:

The return on the investment also includes the following Options.

  •  Buyback Campaign offering the IJJ token offered at 5 cents for up to 15-cent per IJJ-ERC-777 at a 300% return.
  • The option to deposit your ERC-777’s on eCETP as a $4.00 buy from a Donator Backer on the Trading board, with restrictions.
  • The ability to exchange on the Market at any price or for less than the 15-cent offered through the Buyback preset pricing.

The Expected Return on Investment:

The Return on Investment is based on using matching returns against the funding resources with the targeted investor category, which is either Cryptocurrency investors and accredited investor with one exception the investment is the exchange of cryptocurrencies with a 300% Buyback Campaign, equity sharing and opportunity to participate in selling, and positioning competitive services via advertising, trading and exposure to rewards with earning benefits.

Conx2share is also offering equity and profit sharing which requires investors to contact the company directly to acquire details on terms and conditions.

Plus, the need to establish alliance partnership with various professional services is an additional venue for investors to participate in funding the next round of funding to aid in establishing a flourishing to support publicity, advertising, sponsoring events, and much more.

Management Control

Sharah Boughanmi. LLL., DESS Common LAW, ESQ

Mrs. Boughanmi recently joined the team of Conx2Share, an anti-bullying social media platform, as their CEO.

Mrs. Boughanmi brings her academic path with several corporate accomplishments and her insight with forward thinking complimented with her experiences.

Mrs. Boughanmi has accumulated 23 years in managing, corporate board executive level insight that demonstrated upper mobility amongst her professional peers at all levels.  Mrs. Boughanmi with her Business Degree from the prestigious Marianopolis College, followed with completing a Civil Law Degree, specialized in International Law and business at the University of Ottawa in a record time of only two years.  She then pursued higher education by completing a master’s degree of International Common Law at the University of Montreal and was admitted as an attorney by the Quebec Bar in 2006. During her studies, Sarah joined InvestImmo, where she was actively involved in all aspects of finance, investors relations and real estate commercial investments.

After being sworn in, Mrs. Boughanmi then went on to practice real estate and business law for two years, first with the firm De Grandpre Jolicoeur and then for her own firm Jurimmo. She then moved to New York City where she also passed the Bar and real estate license and started a Real Estate liquidation enterprise called Key Wealth Corporation with Wall Street investment banker Morton Davis from DH Blair and subsequently successfully purchased, renovated and sold over 1,500 foreclosed properties through a televised auctions network and an impressive international network of brokers.

During the course of a 10 year relationship with DH Blair and America’s auction network, Sarah held a number of key executive positions to assist her partners in raising the market value of the network including the role of Chief Marketing officer, Chief legal officer and then Chief executive Officer of the TV Station.

Mrs. Boughanmi also specialized in fusion and acquisition, guiding clients and partners through the sale and purchase of their businesses, including the sale of the television station AANTV to European investors. Mrs. Boughanmi also owned a real estate management company and investment partners which served owners in Québec, Europe and all over the United states to acquire and manage over 700 homes and 3 hotels in the State of Florida.

Mrs. Boughanmi currently runs a finance, real estate, civil law and cryptocurrency law firm with offices in Montreal, New York and Florida. Mrs. Boughanmi also served as advisor for Fintech division of the Canadian federal government in the field of cryptocurrency.


token sale offer to Fund Kickstart projects:

Funding goal is set at $150,000.

The project:   Funding Operating Expenditures required to Launch the Anti-Bullying and eWallet mobile apps and provide support service to prepare for a full service deployment of Conx2share’s enterprise of apps and services.

Type of Capital Raise: Ether ERC-777 Tokens Exchange Sale (ETS).

  • The token sale offers IJJ Ether Tokens with a minimum purchase of $50.
  • The exchange is a block of 685 IJJ Ether Tokens at .073 cents each.
  • The initial supply of IJJ ERC-777 Tokens for the kickstart funding is set at 3,000,000.
  • The ERC-777 is in circulation on various exchange platforms.
  • The project is to fund Launch the Anti-Bullying and eWallet mobile apps.

ETS is a Token exchange of IJJ ERC-777 to a buyer’s token account, is required.

The units exchange in two methods

  • Other Blockchain tokens with value equal to $50, with an average 10 price no lower than $.001
  • Credit Card token purchase are to Cryptocurrency wallet.
Paper Wallet Option for Cryptocurrency Newbie

• For all the Non-cryptocurrency users the smart contract provides an option for you to select in order to take possession of your IJJ ERC-777 tokens.
• The Smart Contract will generate a paper wallet, which is used commonly throughout the Cryptocurrency industry.
• The Paper Wallet provides your security and secret keys for control of your purchased ERC-777 tokens.
• In addition, we will provide the 101, POD and YouTube videos on how to use, and keep safe your IJJ tokens until the buyback campaign begins or to do with as desired, like offering your tokens on a trading exchange, where both methods will be used by the IJJ Buyback Campaign.
The anticipate opening date is between February 27, 2020 closing on March 27, 2020


The option for Credit card has two parts:

1. The transaction is the transfer IJJ ERC-777 tokens to wallet account.

2. The option to have a Wallet generated by the Token Exchange Sale Smart Contract.

  • Credit Card purchase :
  • Paypal
  • Swite
  • Minimum Order: 50 USA
  • Credit Card token purchase are to Cryptocurrency wallet.
accepted tokens for Payment Methods:

Payments are excepted as follows:


  • One of the following Cryptocurrencies exchange for minimum order value of $50 adding 5 cent for each additional IJJ ERC-721 token.
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH) …
  • Ripple (XRP) …
  • Litecoin (LTC) …
  • Tether (USDT) …
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) …
  • Libra (LIBRA) …
  • Monero (XMR) …
  • EOS (EOS)
    & OTHERS must have market trading value large division is 3 decimal position. $.001 or greater
  • Credit card all type
  • We will adsorb the processing change fees

 Funding Opportunities

The Investments will provide more than just a profitable margin, while that goal should always be available as an option.  In this document we will pitch both positions for the investor to take into consideration.

For some investors by funding the opportunity, includes being able to participate in business development to expand services and products from funding the initiatives proposed to improve revealing adverse conditions and to support worthwhile projects and programs.

The Anti-Bullying marketplace has several resources available to it, which includes web-based apps and social media interest groups.  When surveying the collective anti-Bullying solutions an overwhelming number of programs will most likely adapt Conx2shares’ extensive ecosystem in mobile interactive content sharing across social platforms as their primary solution, which is the differential for up to 90% of the Anti-Bullying marketplace.

The company’s primary product and service solutions is Anti-Bullying providing a mechanism that works for special interest groups, schools, and governments to reduce and mollify the free flow of the aggression, and the rage and fear associated with unanswered bullying.

The focus is in supporting the welfare and security in higher and lower educational institutions, and office environments.  In order to offer Anti-Bullying on app stores and to maintain the momentum there are two intrinsic requirements.

Kickstart Funding:

The initial funding is $150,000.

For the deployment of hosting services, hiring or outsourcing services to provide the operational structure capable of processing massive number of user networks, provide demonstrations, and engage in offering enterprise web-based hosted services with various features and support services as described above.

The need for additional Funding:

$3,150,000 within 24-month period

The additional capital raises will start within 90 days after kickstart deploying.

Kickstart funding creates the primary structure of the operation.

To complete the development of their infrastructures required additional funding support for services to guarantee the merit of the investment.

Solution being offered:

The solution is obvious, which is to expose bullying at the sources, providing the ability for non-bullied individuals to stop enabling bullying, provide social environment not to bully the bully, but place them on notice, make them aware the harm , how lives are affected lifetime from being bullied.

To embrace the individual that is  bullying with social community networks and social care groups, to provide the world with an alternative method to address bullying with wellness programs.

The Anti-Bullying program also provide statistical data, creates groups that could rally around a whole host of causes, to join social networks, just by experiencing  from the success Conx2share technology that creates positive results can carry on into other social areas.

 Product Solutions:


The SayNo feature provides an option for your organization (business, school, sports team) to use in bullying, drug, and sexual harassment prevention and reporting programs. The feature includes instant reporting with text, picture, and video directly to your organizations’ appointed personnel anonymously or with identifying information. Also, a Live chat feature that provides a direct channel of communication. Along with a Back office for receiving reports, tracking the actions taken, and keeping records


The Conx2share eWallet is an online prepaid account used to store money and transact online and offline through a computer or a smartphone whenever required. Itis a pre-equipped electronic wallet which, just like a real wallet, is used by the customers to transact immediately (and securely). Unlike Bank Accounts, eWallets are considered to be a fast mode of digital transactions.

Credit Cards: 

Conx2share offers its users a ‘Conx2share Prepaid Debit Card’ which allows the users to transfer money to their prepaid card which can be in turn can be used for purchases. Conx2share receives money from the payment processors when the user transfers money from their account to their card. 

A Powerful Mobile Communication App

Conx2share is a powerful mobile communication app fully integrated into a social media network that enables content delivery to various social media platforms from one place. Conx2share is a comprehensive communications/social app with messaging, video chat, groups; it also includes e-shopping, advertising, live streaming, games, mobile money processing, traveling and much more. With its broad variety of features, Conx2share is designed to be the users main doorway to the digital world.

Conx2Share project investments:

Conx2share is a unique one-stop mobile application for all digital communication users. Conx2share has developed a set of revolutionary communication features that mimic non-digital relationships. These features give the user the ability to create and share custom content through text, picture, voice, video and blogging. Not only is it a comprehensive communications / social app, but also includes e-shopping, advertising, live streaming, games, mobile money processing, anti-bullying and much more.

SayNo is the ultimate tool to prevent bullying and decrease drug abuse, available in the form of a free multi-platform application downloadable on any smartphone. This part of the Conx2share application enables users that are part of an organization to report bullying, harassment, and illicit activities. SayNo also enables a user to speak with a counsellor anonymously if in need of support. Say No includes a list of features such as:

  • Anonymous reporting of incidents with picture or video
  • Reporting of incident with picture or video with the identity of the reporter known
  • Anonymous or identified chat with a counselor
  • And much more

By funding Conx2share will provide the working Capital to reactivate their reward Anti-bullying and to receive an ewallet for exceptional access to its merchant marketplace supported by Conx2Sahre.

Conx2Share is offering free access to their flag ship worldwide Anti-Bullying web application with full-service networking  after downloading from the Apple Store to access by joining for free the conX2Share secured on-demand response network.

Historical Events and Use of Funding:

Conx2share is a mobile application that started out with the goal of developing an all in one social media. This vision changed as the company grew and we decided to divert our focus towards anti-bullying and e-wallet. We have developed the Say-No initiative, which can be made available throughout all schools to help in bullying prevention. A student can easily press the Say-No button within the app and report an active or pass bullying incident.

We also developed our e-wallet which consists of: Loyalty/rewards cards, gift cards, prepaid business cards, and instant wallet to wallet transactions. The e-wallet can be made available to anyone, with unlimited transactions.

The application is available on both play stores: Apple Store and Google Play Store, making the application available on all modern mobile phones.

The kickstart funding will allow us to upgrade our existing software development support services, which will reactivate our applications, reopen the on-line stores, reestablish the subscriptions processing and service level agreements with key alliance relationship for all of its features and keep developing our Say-No product.  Once funded our Anti-Bullying and eWallet services will be fully operation for deployment  and with limited but sufficient support services.

The Kickstart is to stand up the essential services, to support demonstrations, process online registration and provide updates.  The capacity to provide the national footprint to expand using broadcasting media, mass social networking services, to sponsor partnerships, and computer resources for worldwide uninterrupted services will require additional funding for the full-scale service center.

After reactivations the additional funding will enable us to grow our Say-No initiative and further develop throughout different schools’ systems and promote our Say No Anti-Bullying nationwide across thousands of medias and then to every corner of the worldwide.

For more detail information visit our website and download our White Paper from our website.

The Conclusion:

The Funding Prospective is gear to Cryptocurrency trader and accredited investor.

Additional document provided byConx2share:

Business Plan

White papers