What is the IEO actually Funding?

A Structured Donation Service with the Requisite Components To Create A Trustful Circulation Of Fiat Within A Secured Membership Platform.  To Address Real-Time Funding Requirements.

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What is the Product Solution and Who is the Customer?

Offering a Multi-purpose Donation Packages

  1. The SaaS is primarily used for Backers and Donor to fund Projects and Programs; NOT like charitable giving, but where community get together to fund improvement and betterment initiatives.

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  1. The customer is either a nonprofit and For-Profit Organization petitioned by a community to allocated working capital to fund cancelled services, due to adverse impacts in the reduction of taxation collection, prevailing economic conditions.

Offering Option to Participate in Contribution, Rewards, and Benefits

  1. Where the Membership will build relationships within their communities to Back projects or ongoing budgetary programs of interest to their welfare and community Goodwill.

Target Customer Markets

Exempt IRS 501(c)(3) Organization Types

  1. Charitable Organizations
  2. Churches and Religious Organizations
  3. Private Foundations
  4. Political Organizations
  5. Other Nonprofits

Government Entities

  1. Federal State Local Governments
  2. Indian Tribal Governments
  3. Governmental Liaisons
  4. International Alliance Partners

Sponsorship Providers

  1. Fundraiser Charter Groups
  2. Social Groups
  3. Neighborhood Associations
  4. Established businesses

The eCETP  Product Line

Retainer Account: ERC-777:

Title: Donator Backer Package

Buy 1-Retainer Get Account Receipts.
The ERC-777 once reacquired it is repurposed into the retainer folder for ERC-223 transactions as donor Account receipts. ERC standard Token records transactions metadata as userData and operator Data field.

Account Receipts: ERC-223:

Title: Donor Package

Buy 1-Account Receipt Get 2 Account Receipts.

The ERC-223 sends and receives fiat data as the Account Receipt record as a Fiat Transactions. The ERC-223 becomes a Block of record donor financial transactions assigned to its Retainer Account. The Donation and Contribution also includes sponsored Donor option plans

The License Package:

  • The eCETP license is perpetual with lifetime updates and software support services for the Alliance Partner.
  • License includes a blockchain Ethereum token smart contract to mint tokens for the Donation Contribution Platform.
  • The ability to create a token Symbol as part of the  licensed Package, which can creates an additional fundraising resource, if desired.
  • Eliminates purchasing Donator Backer Package (DBP), you will mint you own with the smart contract.
  • It also creates a trading position by supply tokens on an Exchanges, which is an asset for lending and collateralizing investments.

The Membership

Our customer base are Nonprofit and For-profit entities approved by being registered to solicit donations and/or sponsor donation services to receive contributions.

Membership are provided worldwide for organizations interested in utilizing trustful alternative funding resources to improve community budgeting initiative.

Where sponsors in countries at state governments and at county levels, and with For & Nonprofit organizations can help fund community-based projects and programs.

For-profit organizations:  One Segment of the Target Market are involved in funding community-based projects and programs.

The second group: For-Profit encompassing an assortment of Social Groups, Neighborhood Associations, and established businesses that designate a non-profit or chartable as an approved project or program in order to sponsor a fundraiser.

Our Vision

Deploying a Software as a Service Platform within a trustful structure as a permissible venue.

We Covered All Restrictions

Donations are regulated worldwide.  In almost every case registration for a permit is required.

What's required to Operate

As a SaaS constraints are will defined on how to participating in fund raising and collecting and soliciting donations are not premitted.

Safeguards for all participates

Validate that  members met state laws regulating soliciting funds for charitable purposes within USA and Abroad.

eCETP is Membership Platform

To participate on the Platform three levels of  approval must be met to become a member.  The Member Evidence Clause provides the provision.

Our Service is for Registered Solicitors

All donation are pre-estabished and approved by meeting the Member Evidence Clause and meeting Campaign Approvals.

Sponsoring Donation Services

All sponsoring members maintain stringent guidelines to provide donation services. All donation Camaign are pre-approved before being sponsored.

The investment in IEO provides the following:

Communities can Payoff Debt.

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Churches and Religious Organizations
  • Private Foundations
  • Other Nonprofits

Payoff mortgages, finance expansion of community services, and offer daycare, after school programs cancelled to State and county budget cuts, and more.

Government Augment Working Capital.

  • Federal State Local Governments
  • Governmental Liaisons
  • Political Organizations

State Government have been facing extreme financial deficits. By forming various community as special interest communities to participate can help fund “Health Maintenance Organization, form network to funding schools, outreach programs, providers services to under serviced community segments, and more.

Sponsorship Providers

  • Fundraiser Charter Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Established businesses 

Can create groups to participate in funding projects for non-profit and create an option to receive a contribution.

Form Groups to Raise Donations and Working Capital to fund initiatives.

  • Indian Tribal Governments
  • International Countries

Sovereign Nations dictate how funding and donations are actually formed within their countries.

As a worldwide service Alliance Partner are accepted by providing Member Evidence Clause Information.