The eCETP Baseline Deployment Initiative.

Bounty Program Funding objective:

  •  Outsource Programming services to develop eCETP.
  • Create baseline operation to offer donations packages with customer
    support services.

The table calculations are from third party quotations and or available for review upon request.

The Bounty Program Summary:

The funding level is 50% investment at $161,026 towards the Bounty Program  set at $322,026 to acquire 100% of the Bounty Payout.

For complete details review the IEO White Paper.

Position eCETP Traction for Potential Alliance Partners:

The Bounty Program will establish a structure to position the traction for potential customers and investor to witness the potential of eCETP, elevates the ability for the three target markets to create On-Demand Orders (ODO) based on the existence of the eCETP availability to conduct donation services.