There are questions being asked about the Funding & Payment Services.  To provide some clarity where definitions and word usage can be interpreted differently!

Funding & Payment Services

Funding & Payments is simply funding risk level transactions with accredited investors paying off structured debt and making the payments to creditors collateralized with restricted stock and IJJ Tokens.

How is Fait Currency Used?

Fiat is government money issued as currencies from all countries and is only used for donations within eCETP.   Donors and Backers can only use nationalized currency to fund  projects and programs.  Cryptographic tokens are only used to record and archive the sending and receiving of Fiat..

Exchanging Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is commonly considered as a form of currency, but not well known for utility applications .

Cryptographic hashing provides an exceptional proven transport in Blockchain for sending and receiving Fiat using any nationalized currencies.

There are several Cryptographic blockchain used as a utility standard.  We selected Ethereum for three reasons:

  1. The Smart Contract Construct applications.
  2. It is the second largest traded Cryptocurrency.
  3. The developer community has produced several standards for the Ethereum token to manage a variety of functionalities.

The most commonly traded Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC) is the 20 token standard with two upgraded versions 223 and the 777.  We selected the ERC-777 as the funding and trading token.

We elected to deploy the ERC-777 as a Retainer Folder to receive the ERC-223 transactions as a Donation  Account Receipt.

The Use Case for Ethereum?

There are three use cases associated with eCETP business model:

  1. Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) is offering Ethereum ERC-777 standard tokens to raising working capital to fund the business startup.
  2. The ERC-777 is under an mandate Buyback campaign used to execute On-Demand-Order Processing of Alliance Partners Purchase Orders for DBPs.
  3. Once the ERC-777 token is acquired its converted into a utility as a retainer folder and assigned a batch of Donor Account Receipts using the ERC-223 standard.

The ERC-777 is removed from the open market and ERC-223 is used internally and not traded in the open market.

Donation and Contributions

There is a difference in giving a charitable donation as a gift without expecting something in return. 

We separate the two while the contribution is still giving without expecting something in return, with one exceptation; the Donor can option to participate in 60/40 plan with preset contribution amount for the sponsor’s ability to campaign donation services.

How Do I Make Money?

As a Donation and Contribution service platform the how do I make money is as follows:

The Sponsors for donations are governments, nonprofit and for-profit entities in need of donations and contributions to operate and provide much needed resources for charitable, betterment, and improvement programs and projects.  This is not a how I make money endeavor the service is helping the sponsor to meet their initiative

Alliance Partner Startup Cost?
The cost includes 4 stages:
  1. Submit the Member Evidence Clause material to get approved as a member.
  2. Participate in a 14-day FREE training period without any commitment; just your time to learn how to use the eCETP and setup required settings to conduct a donation campaign.
  3. Training includes a live sponsored campaign, where you generate donations and contributions based on your business entity category (Nonprofit or Profit).
  4. IJJ Corp provides the product for free and training is free, and you keep the either the Donation or contributions raised.
  5. Lastly, purchase your first Donator Backer Package for $50.00 to open an account.

Learn more about the Working Capital potential (Click Here)

How To Form A Group of Subscribers?

Here are the necessary steps:

You must officially form a business entity.

  • Sole proprietorship (Recommended).
  • Single-member LLC (Limited Liability Company) (Recommended).
  • LLC
  • S Corporation
  • C Corporation

First talk with an attorney and accountant to dig into the advantages and disadvantages.

Submit the Member Evidence Clause Information as requested for the business category.

Once Approved an IJJ Corp State Agent will be appointed to walk you through the process.

Must have/do!

  1. Create a list of 150 subscribers by getting followers to option in to receive sponsor donation information.
  2. Select a few Nonprofits, submit an agreement to get permission to help them sponsor donation campaigns.  Get your follows to vote on which ones.

Next, help others to form groups or passed the “Baton” to a member in your group and become a subscriber.

Pricing Earning Tables

The following tables projection depend on 100% donor and contribution participation.

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To Understand Our Service

IJJCorp is providing the Software as a Service (SaaS) as the Donation Platform.

We will not collect or handle donations deposits nor do we provide subscribers as donors.  All donor donation is redirected to the sponsor banking account of choice.  At year end a 1099 form is provided compiling the prior quarterly reports with the last quarter reporting period.

Business Growth

Our goal is to enroll 10,000 members with 400 License Holders worldwide.

Crypto Consulting

We seek to establish a use case for Ehtereum Standards as a Utility.

Online Services

As SaaS our operation is online with automation and  innovative AI services.

Mining Services

We mint our tokens, sustain programing service realized as inhouse capabilities.

As a Private Donation and Contribution network our ambition is to provide a full-service operation capable of maintaining autonomy, control over its resources, and security for our Alliance Partner members.