The Training Programs

  • Training Program are free to all Alliance Partner.
  • Training services are offered for Alliance Partners interested in sponsor funding campaigns or interested in obtaining eCETP License.
  • eCETP training provide an intuitive list of training options at various level of learning.
  • As Software a as Service (SaaS) the entire experiences is online.  All training is also online with live interactive instructor providing remote class experience.
  • Follow-on knowledge training is provided as online tutorial videos.
  • Additional specialized training is offered as subscription level technical services is also available.  

Training services are scheduled to start once eCETP is online for donation contribution services.

Who gets Training?

  • Training is geared for Nonprofit and Profit Alliance Partners interested in using eCETP SaaS Services or hosting their own site.

SaaS users:

  • Private label rebranding is allowed to promote and sponsored campaigns.
  • The training period is 4 days with follow on intervals of structured onsite or remote learning.
  • Training also has a 14 day live earning donation campaign with Account Receipts for donor deposits

License include:

  • White labelling rebranding, and software upgrades.
  • The training period is 30 days with follow on intervals of structured onsite or remote learning.
  • Training also has a 14 day live earning donation campaign with Account Receipts for donor deposits.

Training Packages:

  • eCETP training includes technical service manuals,  live chatroom support.
  • License Holders will receive a lifetime Alliance Partner Membership
  • API certificate for updates and upgrades.

Online User Training Program:

  • Training experience starts with setting up the Alliance Partner Account to running a live 14 day donation after 16 days of structured programing.
  • During the 14 day trial period the Alliance Partner will earning working Capital to cover their time and expenses.
  • Additional training for all Alliance Partner is provided online as tutorial videos, plus subscription level technical services are also available.

Access to extensive growing library:

  1. Instructor-led classroom training
  2. Interactive methods
  3. Hands-on training
  4. Computer-based and e-learning training
  5. Video training
  6. Coaching and mentoring

Training Period 1:

  1. Online session using provided material to follow the instructor with live interaction and chatting
  2. Introduction and integrating:  Setting the eCETP account manage and report generator.
  3. Training is designed to develop eCETp trainers to support inhouse staff
  4. How to support the donator, address user interface issues, plus the most frequent questions & answers with support level training matrials.

License Holder Separate Training Includes:

  1. System Administrator
  2. Training for trainers to support end-user internal.

Training Period 2:

  1. Trial Period with On-hand training an as live donation with earning and lesson use cases.
  2. The instructor provides live interaction and chatting.

Live Trail Donation with Real Earnings:

Divided in four lessons:  (4-days at 2 hours per day learning the preparation stages and 14 trial period.

  • How integrate resources and set subscriber list.
  • How to create data exports and generate reporting requirement for Federal and State.
  • staging the campaign
  • Running the campaign